Glass is thickest substance on earth, glass products are excellent interior detail, gifts, souvenirs or awards. Art glass studio provides an unlimited opportunity to develop your imagination and therefore offers:

  • Consultation of professional artists and designers
  • Individual orders as awards, prizes, or company symbols
  • Unique, original artistic glass creations
  • Artistic glass creation made-up according to you request, wishes and needs with a desired symbol or logo engraved
  • Ideas
  • “The Best Project”

    CPVA-Pietu LietuvaIn 2014 V. Gibovskis created an award “The best 2007 – 2013 project in South Lithuania according to “Regional centres of economic growth”".

  • “Awadr of sympathy”

    CPVA-MedeliaiAn award of the sympathy for „The best project, which was realized in West/East and South Lithuanian” was produced by the art glass studio according to CPVA individual order.


    Moteris su rugiais An unusual, but very interesting gift, created by V. Gibovskis was dedicated to woman, who lives in Russia, for her Lifetime Achievement.


    Damselfly According to individual order, in 2013 was created award for the international motorcycle club “Hells angels”, which is just one year in Lithuania. This symbol was created by V. Gibovskis.


    Akordionas_1 Original birthday gift – accordion went to the Russia. It was created by V. Gibovskis.


    Smuiko raktas Individual order was made according to the request of customer, engraved with the desired text.

  • “MG Baltic Cup”

    MG Baltic taure_2013 New Lithuanian amateur tennis tournament occurred in Vilnius city, on the 5-6 of October. Awards were created by V. Gibovskis.

  • POKER award

    POkerio apdovanojimas Award “Poker” was produced by the art glass studio according to JSC “Dekbera” individual order.

  • “GOLDEN BEET 2012″

    Auksiniai_runkeliai_2012 In 2013 April were held “Golden beet 2012″ ceremony, in which was rewarded sugar beet growers, who achieved the best results. Clear glass statuettes were created by V. Gibovskis.


    Lietuvos balsas_2012 Designers of the company „Stiklo paslaptis“ created an award for musical project „Lithuanian voice 2012“, which was won by Julija Jegorova.

  • Opening of “SNOW” arena

    SNOW arenos atidarymas_1 In 2013 August was opened “Snow” arena in Druskininkai – this is a first entire year working winter complex in Baltic countries. The opening day of the arena the director was presented with the symbolic key which was created by V. Gibovskis.

  • “GOLDEN BEET 2011″

    Cukriniai runkeliai In March 2012, occurred the most advanced golden beet growers awards ceremony “GOLDEN – BEET 2011″ . Prizes were created by V. Gibovskis


    Lille Marlene ROSE “LILLE MARLENE” in Kaunas Botanical Garden was brought in 1987, from where it came to the Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory. The project “Rose’s friends” was initiated in 2011. With united scientistis, artists and socially oriented bussiness efforts, was created first unique collection “Lille Marlene in vitro Lietuva”. The original “Solo” vases for this collection were created by JSC “Stiklo paslaptis”.

  • 5 OLYMPIC RINGS 2011″

    Olimpiniai ziedaiIn 2011 on 23 of November the Lithuanian Sports Management Association presented awards. This initiative was intended to motivate the talents and new ideas to promote the dissemination, to assess the best examples of sport management, to intoduce them to society and thus contribute to the development of sport in Lithuania.

  • “BEST CHEF 2010″

    i neta 2Individual oder for the “Best Lithuania Chef”, prizes to create. The most respectable title won – Deividas Praspaliauskis “Best Chef Lithuania in 2010.

  • i neta

    step of successThe arward “Step of success” established by the magazine “Made in Lithuania” is given to the company, which within two years after the establishment was able to actively compete in the domestic market and successfully began exporting their products. This is an encouragement prize for the young company, as exporting goods to foreign countries is extremely important for the economy of such a small country as Lithuania.


    crystal swanCrystal Swan 2009“- for the merits to the land of Jonava.
    On the 4th of December Municipality Mayor of Jonava Distric, B. Liutkus handed JS company “Achema” prize “Crystal Swan”.
    A small sculpture of Jonava blazon – stylized swan.
    This traditional, annual award for the Business Day which is the first Friday of December went to JS “Achema” for the extraordinary contribution for the land of Jonava in 2009.


    Light tower“Light Tower” award is produced by the art glass studio according to municipality of Jonava individual order.

  • Nomination “ALL STARS 2009″

    All Stars 2009Individual order was made according to the request of customer, engraved with the desired text.