The textbooks write that the glass – it is a mixture of sand, ash, soda and lime. People say that the glass is the noblest substance on Earth, which was born of water, air, fire and earth. According to ancient civilizations, these four elements is the main source of energy, which is generating the entire world. So “Stiklo Paslaptis” name for our company has been given not accidentally. Fire is considered to be the primary impetus for the birth of the world, it symbolizes the creative combustion, water constantly moves, it is elusive and mysterious, air as a versatile conductor, absorbs the information and the earth embodies all, accommodate the world in the specific forms.

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Lithuania has a centuries-old tradition of the glass manufacturing. Archaeological studies show that in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (XI – XIII century) the glass already had been melted. In the sixteenth century Duke Sigismund Augustus granted the privilege to set up a glass factory in Vilnius. It was the first one in the country. Since then, glass manufacturing progressed and evolved to the present day.

This fragile material in the hands of glass artists is transformed into artistic articles, which are surprising by its colour, shape and author‘s fantasy. When we are creating the original awards, traditionally modern sculptures or playful interior details, we contribute to those who are concerned about aesthetics, beauty and style of the home interior. In this way, we are providing happiness for people and creating colourful world.

Over the past decade, the company “SP glass” travels around the world, participates in the international exhibitions, and exports products. Many years, the glass artists sought to “speak” with the glass and today their glass articles fame Lithuanian name not only in Europe but also worldwide.