Born: 1963.
Education: 1980 – 1986 State Art Institute,
Now Vilnius Art Academy, Kaunas
Art Institute, Department of Glass, docent.

1998 “Akademijos” Gallery, Vilnius,
2002 Exhibition of Painting and Glass Art, Gallery “Spalvų paslaptys”, Kaunas.


1986, 1987, 1988 Republican Exhibitions of Applied Art, Exhibition Palace, Vilnius,
1988, 1989 Exhibitions of Applied Art, Picture Gallery, Kaunas,
1989 International Exhibition organized by Studio “Lakeside Group”, Chicago, USA,
1991 International Exhibition “Baltic Glass”, Art Gallery, Panevėžys; Gallery of Applied Art, Riga,
Latvia, Exhibition “Artistic Glass”, Gallery “AL’, Kaunas, International Exhibition “Baltic Glass”,
Gallery “Langas” Vilnius, Exhibition of Applied Art and Design from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia,
Hamburg Art Fair, Germany, Exhibition of Lithuanian Glass Artists, Rione, Denmark
1996 International Exhibition “Meetings”, Gallery “XX”, Panevėžys, International Exhibition of
Glass Art “Art of Fire Light and Earth”, Gallery of Applied Art, Vilnius, Kaunas Artists’ Exhibition
Dedicated to the 16th of February, M.Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas,
2000 International Exhibition “Nordic Glass 2000″, “Ware house C”, Copenhagen, Denmark,
2000, 2002, 2005 International Exhibition “Vitrum Balticum”, Museum of Ceramic, Kaunas,
2005 International Exhibition “East Meets West”
2007-2008 exhibition ,Van Lonn&Simons gallery, Vuhgt, Holland
2008 exhibition together with V. Gibovskis, Klaipeda gallery, Klaipeda
2008 exhibition“Vitrum Balticum” International northward countries Art Glass Exhibition.
1988 Lamp, “Vilijos” Cafe, Kaunas, 1991 Lamps (with V.Gutauskas and V.Karčiauskas),
Drama Theatre, Klaipėda.

Balancing in-between open realistic and abstract forms, I create objects of the most unexpected
shapes with, characteristic sense of humor, witness and conflict between optimism and pessimism.