Angels - family, home and friends. Our products can be purchased in "KristiAna" salons

Artist Viačeslavas Gibovskis is like a spokesman for his soul who sends flying glass angles – sometimes kind-hearted, sometimes sad, sometimes naughty, never eager to become saint or eternal, but spreading calmness and happiness to everyone, by glancing to his fragile wing, in a halo of a suns gleam, in an opal glass robe gathering.

Glass angel is a diligent and hand made result, unique, full of love, kindness and creation of life. It’s a noble decor, witch can find a cosy place in any home and spread mystery to it’s space.

For the first time the hand made angels were presented together with a new perfume for women, filling the shop with warmth, comfort and stayed there for a long time happily ever after.

Glass angels you can find in those “KristiAna” salons

Gedimino av. 14,
Ozo st. 25 („Akropolis“)

Karaliaus Mindaugo av. 49 („Akropolis“)

Taikos av. 61 („Akropolis“)

Aido st. 8 („Akropolis“)